About us

Who are we?

Beans&co. started out as four friends from Montreal with seemingly not much in common: different backgrounds, favorite sports, life goals... However, one thing did unite us: our passion for one of the oldest and most widespread beverages, coffee.

We discovered coffee like many people: as students with very little time for sleep. In university, we set out to find the best coffee shops the campus surroundings had to offer. The quest for the best cup of coffee had started.

We began reading about coffee history, origins, varieties, aromas and flavours. We participated in training sessions and seminars, and we tasted, tasted, tasted... We were determined to learn all there was to know about coffee.

The idea for Beans&co. emerged when we were discussing where we could get the best beans in Montreal. Was it best to buy straight from coffee shops? Not all of them sell their beans... We had been disappointed by supermarket beans. Some of the new roasters from the West Coast? Surely, that would be a compromise on freshness... Now, how about having, every few weeks, some of the best beans in the city, freshly roasted and vacuum-sealed, delivered right to coffee lovers' doors?

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Specialty coffee wheel of flavours

Our mission

We determined that the best way to drink top quality coffee was to find, ourselves, the roasters who could offer the best and freshest beans in the city. We met with many and discussed their sourcing and roasting processes.

And of course, now, we are bringing the best beans to your door! We hope that the coffees that we selected will satisfy even the most discerning coffee drinkers... After all, Beans&co. is all about sharing our insights, tricks and passion about coffee with other coffee lovers.

Our coffees

At Beans & co., we focus on the origin and roasting process of the beans we select. Every coffee that you receive is either from a single origin or is a careful blend of single origin coffees that have particular taste profiles.

Just like the plants themselves, our coffees are seasonal. For the best experience and the freshest coffee, choose our "coffee of the month", which is selected every month based on quality and availability. We strive to offer you a balanced line of products, with taste profiles that will satisfy all preferences of coffee drinkers. Make sure to check out the wheel of coffee flavours below, and find your favorite taste profile!

Wheel of flavours

This wheel of flavours was designed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. It has so many tasting notes to discover!

We classified all our coffees based on this wheel of flavours and created our "Taste tags" to better guide your coffee discovery experience. Make sure to look at the product card of every coffee that you receive, and let us help you discover new flavours of coffee!

So let's say you like fruit notes. You will definitely love our "Fruity & Floral" taste tag! Fruity & Floral coffees could have notes of raspberry, cherry, pineapple, orange...

coffee flavour scaa berry fruit fruity citrus Click here to view the full wheel of flavours!
Specialty coffee wheel of flavours