Frequently asked questions

I. General 

How can your coffee stay fresh after shipping?

We designed a vacuumed sealed bag that keeps your beans fresh from last week's roast. We recommend to keep your beans in a sealed container and in a dry environment. 

What are the best brewing methods for your beans?

We try to source the most versatile coffee beans. And with great versatility comes great brewing power. You can use any device to brew our coffee to your liking. Of course, if you have any additional questions, feel free  to contact us at info@cafebeansco.com

Who are your suppliers?

Our suppliers are the best roasters around Montreal ! While we know that taste is personal, we still believe that these roasters' knowledge of the science of coffee gives them an edge. Our short-term objective is to find the best roasters in Canada and USA and share their best coffees with you! You can be certain that we will look under every rock around the city to find the best ones :D

Do you ship elsewhere in the world?

We certainly do! You will only have to take care of the shipment, and we take care of all the rest. 

What if I move ?

Simply access your account and change your shipping address !

II. Subscription

How does the subscription work? 

You can either take a monthly subscription or try an unique one-time coffee shipment of your liking. If you choose to take a subscription, you will receive monthly or bi-monthly coffee treats (you choose !) There are two main coffee choices when you take a subscription. 

1. You can choose the Coffee of the Month subscription, which means that you will receive different coffee beans every month. 

2. You can also pick your favorite Yearly Coffee collection beans and receive them every month !

How much coffee do I receive per shipment?

Each shipments contain around 168 grams (6 oz) of coffee beans.

What if I want to buy more than 168 grams for me or for my company?

We will certainly do our best to cater to everyone's needs. For bigger purchases, please contact us at info@cafebeansco.com

When will I receive my coffee?

It depends on your subscription! But lets say that you are on a 1 shipment per month plan and we are the 17th of November. That would mean that we will ship your coffee the last weekend of November, so you can enjoy your delicious beans during the first weekend of December. If its a two per month subscription, then your 1st shipment will start like the 1 shipment per month plan, but another delicious bag of coffee beans will be shipped to you two weeks later. 

If you are a one timer, we will ship your beans in the first weekend of the month, or the third one, depending which one comes first :D

What if I don't want to receive delicious coffee to my doorstep anymore?

Its super easy. Simply unsubscribe, no questions asked! Easy and commitment free. 

How do we bill?

Our system automatically charges your credit card when a new shipment is sent out. Easy and convenient!