How it works


Imagine if drinking coffee was an art. Imagine if you could drink coffee like you drink wine! Well, coffee research shows that there are over 800 aromatic compounds that interact with our olfactory senses. 

We want to bring that tasty experience right to you. You don't even need to leave your couch. Who said that having peace of mind about your coffee supplies at home is a bad thing ?

All our coffees come in vacuum-seal bags (to preserve their freshness!) and shipments fit in most Canadian mailboxes - no need to worry about being home for their delivery! 

Here's how it works - Super quick & easy

1. Choose your coffee

Choose between receiving a different coffee every month from our rigorously selected roasters, or your favorite coffee that you can't get tired of.

2. Choose your delivery frequency

Choose a monthly or bimonthly coffee subscription to receive freshly roasted coffee beans right to your door. 

3. Wake up with the sun and an amazing cup of Joe

Simply open your mailbox and find your freshly roasted coffee beans patiently waiting for you!

Explore our coffees...

Explore our coffees...

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